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Why is NOW the best time to plan your 2022 cruise vacation?

The COVID-19 virus pandemic has drastically affected millions of people and devastated hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide.  Cruise lines, one of the hardest-hit industries, are anxious to begin their long road to recovery and are taking unprecedented steps to return to their traditional role of providing great vacations for their clients.

Five great reasons to book NOW...

  1. Cruise lines are ready to have passengers return to cruising as soon as possible.

  2. Scheduled sailings for 2022, although still being adjusted by some lines, are open and bookings are increasing daily.

  3. Almost every cruise line (ocean and river) are offering incentives (reduced fares, promotional benefits, new programs, etc.) to entice bookings now.

  4. For now, just about every cruise line has adjusted or modified their cancellation and refund policies to “no penalty, full credit”.

  5. …and, finally, the entire cruise industry has quickly implemented new and enhanced health and safety measures to greatly improve passenger  well-being  and peace-of-mind on all future voyages.

If you're ready to make some great 2022 cruise plans, we're ready to help.   
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