As a service provider to the public, we recognize that we have a basic fiduciary responsibility to our customers and clients. 

We understand these obligations to be:

• Duty of Care and Respect

We will use reasonable care and diligence in pursuing the client's overall travel objectives, including the allowance for personal preferences, financial situations, and other unique needs and requirements in all planning activities.  We will establish an environment of mutual respect when dealing with our customers and serve each one without regard to race, color, age, sex, or religious preferences.

• Duty of Loyalty

We will, at all times, act solely in the best interests of our clients, to the exclusion of all other interests, including our own self-interest.  This includes a duty to avoid steadfastly any conflicts of interest that might compromise or dilute our loyalty to our customers' interests.

• Duty of Confidentiality

We are obligated to safeguard our client's confidence and secrets.  We take this to mean all personal information, communications, acts, orders, instructions, and financial transactions, whether these items were explicitly designated as private or not.  We will maintain a Privacy Policy that states our detailed objectives and procedures to ensure our clients' confidentiality is maintained in every situation under our control.

• Duty of Disclosure

We will disclose to customers all relevant and material information that we know, and that pertains to the scope of providing the travel services for which we have been engaged.  All material facts concerning any aspect of our activities conducted during routine business endeavors are available to our customers.

• Duty of Accounting

We will conduct all business financial matters in the utmost honesty, openness, and concern for our customers' well-being.  The payment of fares, charges, fees, taxes, and any other monetary activity on behalf of our clients will be fully documented and carried out according to commonly accepted business practices.  We will not accept, hold, or otherwise receive funds in escrow, for deposit by, or on account of our clients, nor will we use our funds to pay for any client fares, fees, or other third-party suppliers' charges.