Who We Are

RM CRUISES LLC is a cruise-only travel agency with offices in Cleveland, TN.   We have been providing great cruise vacations for our clients since 2015.  We are a member of several industry-specific associations and are a registered Florida Seller of Travel.  Our clients come from all walks of life and include singles, couples and families.  We also work with groups of any size or emphasis... reunions, church affiliations, business or service organizations or, just a group of travel friends getting together for a fun holiday.




CLIA Accredited Cruise Consultant
ASTA Verified Travel Advisor

Alaska Travel Certified Expert

Holland America Platinum Agent
FL Reg. No. TI-74402

Cruise Lines
Member No. 245835
Society of
Travel Advisors
Member No. 900270978
International Assoc. of Travel Agents Network
Member No. 1713400029

Although we offer our services to everyone, we specialize in serving the following areas:
  • New Cruisers - those that have never cruised (or, maybe, cruised once a long time ago).
  • Senior Adults - older folks; those that may be new to cruising or the seasoned voyagers.
  • Groups - any group, any size, any cruise itinerary.  We are group specialists and would love to work with your group or organization to plan your cruise-related activities.
  • Incentive Travel - working with organizations (businesses, non-profits, etc.) to provide cruise travel options as service or sales rewards for employees or volunteers in the group.


Our expertise comes from over 30 years of personal travel experience and intensive cruise-industry training.  Our first world travel journey was in 1989 and we began enjoying the wonderful world of cruising in 2000.  Since then, we have traveled to many locations around the world, visiting all seven continents and about 50 countries...and we're not through yet!

Our Pledge

We are here to help you have the very best in cruise travel vacations.  Our objective is to exceed your expectations in every area of your vacation and ensure your experience is everything you imagined.

What We Do

We provide professional travel services to our clients for all aspects of the total cruise experience:
  • First and foremost, we work with clients to fully understand their own, unique needs and situations by engaging in conversations to define the basic requirements for their cruise vacation.  This includes individual traveler information, budgeting parameters, schedules and proposed itineraries. 

 • We handle complete booking activities, including cruise line choice and itinerary, on-board accommodations, dining schedules and any special requirements.  All paperwork and cruise line requirements are completed by us, including payments (deposits, periodic payments and final payment), documents (birth certificate, passport, etc.) and any additional items required (visas, citizenship documents, etc.).  We also handle air travel, accommodations and ground transportation associated with your cruise vacation.

 • We provide expertise in areas of cruise line selection, destination choices, shore excursions, local culture, currency exchange and "do's and dont's" about specific cruise activities and environments.
 • We offer on-call service to our clients for any changes, emergencies or other situations that may come up before, or during a cruise trip.
 • And, finally, we provide an exceptional level of service in all activities within our control so that our clients have the absolute best cruise experience possible.  See our Statement of Fiduciary Responsibility below.

What We Charge

Surprisingly, 99.9% of our services are without cost to our clients.  There is no obligation for a client to pay us for any consultation or planning activities.  Even the extensive detail work, documentation and cruise-specific booking activities are without cost. However, we do have a few items with fees and those are shown on our Extended Services Fee Schedule (link below).
RM CRUISES LLC is an independent agent of Cruises and Tours Unlimited / Outside Agents of Jacksonville, FL
Florida Seller of Travel No. ST -15578 and California Seller of Travel No. 2090937-50